Ecoristorazione Trentino


Our experience

For more than 15 years we have been dedicated to ‘conscious consumerism’ from an ethical and environmental stance choosing, when possible, to use organic and locally-sourced produce. Our supplier, the “Minela”, is a small organic co-operative in the Val di Non and we are delighted to have become members of this constantly-expanding organization. With our commitment in mind we asked ourselves the question “ Why don’t we offer organic foods to our guests?” So we did exactly this by setting up the “organic corner” in our breakfast room. When the "Ecoristorazione Trentino "project was introduced two years ago we did not hesitate to respond to its proposals “Of course, we would be delighted to affiliate ourselves to this cause since it is what we believe in.” It is our belief that actions speak louder than words and with such small changes our lives are enhanced. Environmental sustainability fosters freedom.



The project

IThe aim of the "Ecoristorazione Trentino" project is to reduce the impact on the environment caused by air and water pollution, energy and water consumption, waste production, in relation to catering services and their supply chain.
In order to support this project we have to meet the following criteria:

  1. Menu related to the Trentino food chain : all the ingredients used in the food on our menus must come exclusively from the Trentino area, thereby reducing transport emissions.
  2. Organic foods: at least two ingredients on the menu have to be sourced from organic growers who respect the environment.
  3. No single-dose containers: we refrain from using disposable products thus reducing our waste production.
  4. Tap water: we make our customers aware that [high quality] tap water is available [rather than bottled water], consequently reducing transport emissions and waste production.
  5. Lighting: we only use energy-saving light bulbs which contribute to reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gases escaping into the environment.
  6. Cleaning products: we use at least two types of environmentally-friendly cleaning products reducing both water and air pollution.
  7. General Information: we make our guests aware of our efforts to improve the environment.